Ecommzone Spam Policy

Ecommzone provides an email marketing service that allows customers to send emails to multiple recipients. Ecommzone does not provide its services for the purpose of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM. All of our customers must adhere to our email policy or will be prevented from using the service. We take extremely seriously any reports from users who believe our service is being used for SPAM.

Email Policy

The Ecommzone email policy is based on The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. All customers who use the Ecommzone service must also adhere to the policy.

All emails sent using our services, which are sent on behalf of our customers, must be "opt-in" communications. “Opt-In” means that all recipients must have supplied their email address to receive email communications and/or have a pre-existing relationship with our customer.

All emails must contain an opt-out (unsubscribe) option. All unsubscribe requests must be honoured by our customers.

Policy Abuse

If you have received an email sent from Ecommzone on behalf of one of our customers and believe it to be SPAM we ask that you first check that:

  • You have not subscribed to the mailing list of the sender.
  • You do not have an existing relationship with the sender.
  • You have followed the unsubscribe procedure from the sender's email.

If you are sure that the email was unsolicited and have followed the sender's unsubscribe procedure in the email, then you should report the abuse to us here. Our system will automatically prevent you from receiving any further emails from the sender. We will also investigate the matter fully and if we find that the sender has used our services for SPAM we will issue a warining. If the sender then continues to send unsolicited mail and or fail to enforce unsubscribe requests we will terminate their account.